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Learn about opera and San Diego Opera's current season, hosted by Nicolas Reveles, The Geisel Director of Education and Outreach. Give us 15 minutes weekly, and we'll give you the operatic world! This podcast hosted by
The Color of Rigoletto and Other Mysteries And now for your semi-annual Italian lesson: the word is 'tinta', and it means 'color'.  Now that you know what it means to us, let's discover what it meant to composer Giuseppe Verdi, especially with regards to our next production, Rigoletto, opening this week!
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Rigoletto Sound-Alikes: The Verdi Baritone Verdi's Rigoletto didn't just spring from nothingness: there were a number of baritone roles in his earlier operas that foreshadowed this brilliant creation.  Here are examples of two of them from Ernani and Macbeth.  Enjoy!
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