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Learn about opera and San Diego Opera's current season, hosted by Nicolas Reveles, The Geisel Director of Education and Outreach. Give us 15 minutes weekly, and we'll give you the operatic world! This podcast hosted by
The baritone is the man's man of opera.  If George Clooney were an opera singer, he'd probably be one.  But he's not.  So we won't go there.
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Italy and the Opera.  Why? Because.  A brief history of Italy and its relationship to one of her most glorious exports.  Besides limoncello.  Say Euridice three times fast.
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Mezzo-Sopranos: Tony Still Doesn't Live Here! Mamas, witches and gypsies.  And real women with an independent streak.  If The Sopranos were an opera, Livia would be one.  A mezzo, that is.
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